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Does the “Butterfly Effect” Happen in Down Product Bazaars in 2015?
发布时间: 2015/7/15 15:51:56

   The butterfly effect was put forth by the meteorologist Lorentz in 1963. Its original general idea is that a butterfly in the Amazon River rainforest in the South America flaps its wings once in a while, which may stir a fierce tornado in US Texas after two weeks. The reason is that the movement of its wings may result in the change of air system by its side, causing a weak airflow. However, this weak airflow can trigger the corresponding changes of the air around it or other systems. Thereout, it causes repercussion and gives rise to great changes of other systems.
   In that way, is the down industry suffered from the so-called “butterfly effect” under the influence of market competition and macro-economy? Taking an example of 90% white duck down selling price, the price of raw materials was 333 yuan per kilogram on last December 24 according to statistics on China’s down gold network (, but two days later, it dropped to 315 yuan per kilogram. Up to January of this year, it fell down to 300 yuan per kilogram, and the latest price was 238 yuan per kilogram. Similarly, the price went down continually for the white duck down at the down contents of 85%, 80% and 70%. For the decline of price for materials in addition to the influence of the warm winter, a great inventory of down products occurs with slow sales. This leads to the recession in demand for down feathers. Many down plants seek sales channels, but current market price of down feathers is in chaos and suffered unspeakably. Facing this year’s market storm again, Mr. Zhang who is General Manager of Anhui Lufeng Down Company seriously points out: we shall not await our doom any more for that, and we should carry out transformation and upgrading in the special environment. Not only should we strive to develop the products with highly-added value and technical contents, but also focus on developing new customers and selling the four-season down and feather filled products to increase our marketing channels. In addition, better and faster development will be driven to our business with Internet popularization.
    The “butterfly effect” is not doubt dreadful, but what we should cope with it actively. We can solve problems to be a guide in the down industry only by keeping up with times and finding the cause of crisis.