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How to Conserve Down Products in Sweltering Summer
发布时间: 2015/7/15 15:52:09

   Lo, lo! In so scorching summer, the down products are “hot”, too. You all understand how to store down products reasonably in this month and this quarter? Do you all use them? Next, Lufeng will share some simple tips with you without any cost:
   In this rainy and damp season, we should bask the down products frequently, generally drying them once every four to six days in a week. Of course, you had best pat the down products gently with a stick or a long smooth pole in drying (in case of rough pole scratches the products). 
   The well-dried down products should be stored in a wardrobe together with mothballs, which can prevent down products getting mildew and hemiparasite. Be sure to keep in mind the mothballs should be put in bags, and don’t them into the wardrobe directly! Moreover, the down products shall not be placed at the bottom of the wardrobe, and you had better put them on other clothes.